About Us

What you can
expect from us

We have two main goals in mind; the first being to down content in a timely manner, and the second is to laugh and have a good time.

Niche specs are welcome

We aim to have a guild with a good mix of classes and specs (so not 15 fury warriors), with room for more niche specs provided they add sufficient utility/flavour to the raid; a SPriest that buffs the warlock dmg, a Feral that can OT when needed and provide crit for the melee. In short a relaxed raid environment but with competent players.

What we expect
from you

We’re looking for players who can commit to our raid schedule and who are motivated to participate in progression on a fairly light schedule.

The right fit

We’re not just looking for people who can top the meters however; survivability, situational awareness, and most importantly, being able to fit in well with the guild both during the raid and outside of it is also key.

Wanna crawl in our bucket?

Crab Bucket application